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autoimmune disease- allergy

Autoimmune diseases

Autoimmune allergic disorders are common in people and are due to problem with immune system. Immune system is the major defense mechanism of body of organism comprising of specialized cells and systems that provide resistance to disease. The main function of immune system is protection

genetically modified organisms

Genetically Modified Organisms

Animals have always been fascinating to human beings and animal breeding is one of the aims of human for several purposes. As animals inherit their genetic properties to their offspring, this creates bases of genetic selection of the animals with desired properties. Many of the


What are plant based bio polymers?

Polymeric bio molecules produced by the living organisms are termed as bio polymers. In a polymeric structure, the monomers join together by some kind of bonding such as covalent bond. Bio polymers are of two types: Naturally occurring that includes silk, pectin, rubber, DNA and

transgenic plants


Cancer being one of the deadliest diseases is the major public health concern worldwide. Cancer belongs to class of disease characterized by abnormal cell growth with its potential to spread or invade other cells in body. These abnormal extra cells often form a mass of

nano biotechnology in agriculture


Nanotechnology is scientific approach for material usage and manipulation done at molecular level in chemical and physical properties. This is similar to biotechnology and genetic engineering level except for its minuet nano level.Nanotechnology in agriculture is for manipulating genetic and molecular processes for development of